Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best 3 Tips Why Women Really Love Girls Smocked Dresses

The figure-friendly and popular girls smocked dresses show no sign of losing their luster from the latest fashion demands and because of the multiple designs and cuts they are available in, they give a far lesser impression of being a 'maternity wear' as people had in the past!

Here's the full story:


For a more sexy look, wear girls smocked dresses over bare legs, opaques or ribbed-tights. If not, why don't just wear it as a blouse over a pair of leggings or narrow-legged jeans or pants. For evening wear, pick a just-above or on-the-knee metallic smock, or one that is embellished with gemstones around the neck or hemline. On cooler days, you can even wear it over a sweater or T-shirt.

Body Camouflage

Girls smocked dresses also provide some cover for the the tummy and skims the hips, hiding a multitude of sins. Pear-shaped women can have a much better result, as they have a slim torso but a bigger butt, which is hidden beneath the volume. Deciding on a style which is fitted below the bustline if you have a large bust typically means the volume falls from under the bust, rather than the neckline and gives less of an impression of a maternity dress.

Wearing a Smock Dress

To reduce the volume, one can cinch in the waist with a wide belt. It's always important to remember that evenness is the key. Very short styles need ample sleeves. Older women advised to go for a long-length and less volume around the sleeves.

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